All Children are expected and strongly encouraged to wear school uniform, including our school tie.  We believe this helps promote a positive school identity, supports and sets high standards of behaviour and actively encourages children to take a personal pride in their appearance. 

V-neck sweatshirts, cardigans, ties and sportswear are available from school and Dancers in Halesowen, at a reasonable price.  As we have stairways and single steps in many different parts of the building, it is imperative that children wear sensible school shoes, rather that fashion footwear.  Trainers are not allowed to be worn in school unless part of a sporting activity. Boots are not allowed to be worn within the school building; boots are to be worn to and from school and then changed to school shoes during the lessons. Sandals are not allowed. 


BOYS                                                                           GIRLS

Grey trouser/short                                                       Grey Skirt or pinafore dress or trousers

White shirt (Not polo)                                                 White shirt (Not polo)

V-neck Sweatshirt (scarlet)                                        V-neck Sweatshirt/cardigan (scarlet)

Black Shoes                                                                 Black Shoes

School Tie                                                                    School Tie

Grey/Black socks                                                        White Socks

                                                                                    Grey/Red/Black tights

Optional Red/White checked dress (from Easter to October half Term)

Indoor PE                                                                     Indoor PE

Red T.shirt                                                                   Red T.shirt

Black Shorts                                                                 Choice of Black Leotard/PE Skirt/Skorts

Socks                                                                           Socks

Pumps                                                                          Pumps


                                                OUTDOOR GAMES –Boys and Girls Years 1-6

                                                As PE plus warm outer wear



N.B During PE lessons all items of jewellery (including earrings) must be removed as laid down by the Local Authority Health and Safety guidance.  Plasters over earrings are not acceptable under Health and Safety regulations. 

Uniform order forms are available in the school office Reception area – please help yourself.

Uniform will be on sale from the school office.  Please try and avoid the busiest times of the day as we do like to give you our full attention to ensure no mistakes are made.

Uniform will also be available during Parents evenings.

Please note;

No nail varnish is allowed to be worn.
All shirts should be worn tucked in and the top button fastened.
No jewellery allowed except single stud earrings.
All polo shirts should be worn tucked in.
We do not allow hairstyles with lines or patterns cut into the head or mohicans. We also do not allow bright or artificially coloured hair.
With the exceptio of Forest School days, denim trousers are not allowed in school. 

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